University of Palermo

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Palermo University
(Palermo, Italy)

Renting a car is not necessary to move around the university's relatively small campus. It is also not recommend to rent a car to go around Palermo because traffic can become very congested and parking spaces are very few. Tourists are encouraged to use public transportation instead.

Car Hire and Road Transport

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Car Parking

Parking spaces are generally hard to come by in Palermo. Since they cannot use their cars, locals and visitors alike are obliged to walk or take public transportation.

Travel by Air

Visitors travelling by air arrive at the Palermo International Airport, which receives tourists from other Italian cities and nearby countries. It is about 30 km / 18 miles away from the city centre. Visitors can take a 30-minute bus ride from the airport to the city.

Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

Trains regularly travel to and from Rome, Naples, and other Italian cities. As an alternative way to travel, tourists can take the train ferry crossing the Straight of Messina that separates Sicily from the mainland.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Buses are widely available in Palermo. Whole-day passes are very affordable, and they can be purchased at most convenience stores. Bus stops can easily be found throughout the city.

Travel by Taxis

Visitors can also take a taxi to tour the city centre and its outlying areas, but most of them still prefer taking the bus or walking to see the city sights.

Palermo University

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